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php wml entities

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I have built a back end system for my WAP site to enable easy addition of content. However, ehen I add items like news with apostrophes then the text is inserted into the database as 'we’re all going to the zoo tomorrow' (we're all going to the zoo tomorrow). I try to use HTML_ENTITIES_DECODE in my php, which does convert it to an apostrophe but the sourse code stays the same and so does not display in all WAP browsers. How can I remedy this? Is there a PHP function that will convert the character entities stoted in the database to their numeric entities.


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have a look at this

[a href=\"http://uk.php.net/manual/en/function.get-html-translation-table.php\" target=\"_blank\"]html translation table[/a]

Are you using a wysiwyg editor? it maybe that that generates the special entities - use the above table to do a string replace or something similar.

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