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Lining Up Using Web Layers

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I am new at layers, and I cannot seem to get my layer of text line up with the images, which are tables. I mean, they look great to me, but when I use another computer or other resolution, they look way off. How do I make sure they are lined up regardless of what computer or resolution is used?

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welcome to the forums! i hope you find lots of great help here...

as to your question, we're going to need a little more info than that about what you are trying to do before we can offer much help. this sounds like an actual HTML or CSS issue since you're refering to layout, so as that is the case, i'm moving this to the HTML help forum.

as to finding an answer, give us an example of what you're after when you refer to lining up using layers, and i'm sure we can come up with a solution (and if not a solution, at least a workaround) for you.

a sample page would be helpful as well.

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