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writing to a file the result of a db

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ok ... the stupid cow is back again ...
Well... i have a table in the db that has usernames and websites... i want to write only the websites of a certain user to a file... i can view the results for the user for example 120 ( i get the user by ?user=120 ) but i can not put them i a file one in a row. How can i go on with that?

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You can use a loop like so:

[code]$query = mysql_query("SELECT website FROM users");
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) {
    if($row['website']) {
        $ret = $ret . $row['website'] . "\n";

When all is said and done, $ret will hold a variable with every website from the user table that had an entry (make the default website field NULL), put it in a file via whatever means you like, I don't think that was intended to be answered along with the above?

Of course, the mysql_query() will need changed unless I guessed correctly...

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I am sorry, cow, I have been unable to respond to your posts on the forums because of some server error I have encountered. I have the solutions to all of your recent questions, but you may need to contact me via YIM/AIM at FireRescueNREMT. That is of course if this message even goes through.

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