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  1. txmedic03

    Please review my official site

    Maybe it is just me, but that statement is hilarious. They are claiming to be a design company, among other things. *facepalm* They really should consider hiring a designer and a developer though. Perhaps fire the one(s) they have.
  2. txmedic03

    How to access website on web-space ?

    Create a .htaccess file containing: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ([^\.])\.in$ [NC] RewriteRule ^\/(.*)$ /www/%1/$1 [R=301,L] Assuming that /www is actually in the root of the file system and not in /home/{username}/www like I imagine it actually is.
  3. txmedic03

    simulate 500 server error

    Try something like: <?php require_once('/made/up/page/that/does/not/exist.foo.bar'); ?> If it is a 500 error you want then, provided your service provider has configured the server correctly for a production environment, requiring a non-existent page will throw a fatal (500) error.
  4. txmedic03

    Cool Cron examples

    make sure services restart if they crash, periodic restart of server, load services on reboot or shortly there after...
  5. There are sections for things like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Just wondering if any thought had been given to new sections or more specialized sub-sections for the existing sections. For example, there is a board for JavaScript, but then there are a few big libraries like jQuery and protoType. There is also AJAX, which is a fairly large topic in its own right. Someone who works exclusively with jQuery would be better equipped to help in a jQuery section than to read through tons of posts about protoType before reaching something they are comfortable assisting with. The same could go for CSS and its counter parts like SASS. I realize that there are topic tags and the primary focus of the site is PHP, but I see things broken down into sub-sections and some sections dedicated to topics which are in the broader spectrum adjacent to PHP, but not directly related to PHP. I also realize that you do have to draw a line in the sand somewhere or you end up having to change the name of the site to "everything freaks", so I guess really I had a thought and a curiousity whether it was something that was being considered or something that maybe crossed a line the site was not prepared to cross.
  6. txmedic03

    Hello Again

    I have been absent from the forums, with the exception of a brief return some months back, for quite a long time and figured that I would re-acquaint myself with the site. So..umm...'hello!'...again. For those who actually even read this section of the boards and are still reading this, in my absence, from the forums, I have continued to develop PHP and related web languages and added a few new ones to my list of toys to play with. I am also no longer an emergency medical technician or a phlebotomist. I became a Texas peace officer (cop) near the end of 2009 and worked for several years in law enforcement. I still maintain my license as a peace officer, but no longer work for a department in that capacity. I am now setting my sites on a return to college for a degree in networking. I once worked for a collection of companies doing various task, like troubleshooting hardware/software problems in home PCs and writing software for businesses. The companies were small businesses owned by the same people and each company was specialized in a particular IT field. The one company did PC repair where people brought in their computers and we resolved issues and on rare occasions a house call. The other companies dealt with things like hardware/software troubleshooting/repair for business, software/web development, business network maintenance/troubleshooting/repair/etc, etc. The companies, like I said, were all small and operated out of one office with just a handful of employees. I had gone to school with some of the owners prior to enlisting in the Marine Corps and they hired me based on their personal knowledge of me and what they knew I could do for them without a degree. I wrote software, repair computers and occasionally installed/troubleshot networks at businesses. I told you all that so you better understand why I feel like it is about time I got a degree in networking. I would not consider myself an expert in any area of IT, but I like to think that I am not a complete waste of space in a few. I'm getting older and computers constantly remind me of when I look at a system with 3Ghz+ on multi-core processor(s) and RAM measured in GB and then think back to the first computer I sat down in front of, as a toddler, the Macintosh series II. For those that aren't old enough to remember the early Macs, the series II had a 3.5" floppy drive, no internal storage, RAM measured in KB, a monochrome screen and it was accompanied by a dot-matrix printer. I look back on that machine with fond memories and I look to the future of computers with baited breath and the wide-eyed wonder of a child, anticipating what will happen next. I know I have not kept up with every little change and advancement, like a true geek should and I dread the day when I become that old guy who double-clicks EVERYTHING, has to hire a ten year old to turn his computer on for him and thinks his gmail is only on his computer at home, but I am not there yet and I feel I still have a few things to contribute in the fields of programming, networking and maybe a few others. That should be more than enough rambling from an old fart, so...how bored were you to sit and read all that? lol

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