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problems with loading a url to send a txt msg

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i'm trying to send a text message using a url but it doesn't seem to be working and i can't see errors in my coding, can someone help me i would be very grateful.

//connect to database
include 'db.private';
       $connection = mysql_connect($hostname,$username,$pwd)or die(mysql_error());
       mysql_select_db($databaseName, $connection)or die(mysql_error());

if ($_SESSION[validated] == "yes") {//a

if (isset($_POST['Submit'])) {//b

$user = "john";
$password = "boy";
$api_id = "198";
$baseurl ="http://api.clickatell.com";
$text = urlencode("You have successfully booked your seat");
$to = "44784552";
// auth call
$url = "$baseurl/http/auth?user=$user&password=$password&api_id=$api_id";
// do auth call
$ret = file($url);
// split our response. return string is on first line of the data returned
$sess = split(":",$ret[0]);
if ($sess[0] == "OK") {//c
$sess_id = trim($sess[1]); // remove any whitespace
$url = "$baseurl/http/sendmsg?session_id=$sess_id&to=$to&text=$text";
// do sendmsg call
$ret = file($url);
$send = split(":",$ret[0]);
if ($send[0] == "ID")
    echo "success<br>message ID: ". $send[1];
    echo "send message failed";
    } //c
    else {
    echo "Authentication failure: ". $ret[0];
}else {
    echo "you have not logged in";

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Don't post usernames, passwords, or phone numbers in your posts.

Echo out your $url variables to ensure that they are correct and that nothing is failing with those. I don't know where your located, but if it's in the US, you don't have enough numbers in the phone number to send the message...I'm sure since it's a url you'll need an area code. Come to think of it, you'll probably need to ad some additional numbers regardless of where you are. Local numbers will not work with something like that, you may even need a country code.

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it still doesn't work. i can't seem to be able to echo out the url.

and all the username and password numbers have been edited just to give people an idea on what should be in those variables.

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