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I am trying to wrtite a forum for a intranet. I have never done a forum before so I am not sure where to start.
All I need is for each user to log on so that they can be identified, have a section for the subject and then the message. I have no categories as it is just for people to communicate with each other.
I then want the messages to be deleted automatically after 2 weeks.
I looked at the php scripts on this site but none seems to be able to help me.

Any assistance will be appreciated


Keep up the good work

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Save your self some work and just use one of the open source forum's available...phpBB is a good one, takes about 45 seconds to install, and is pretty user friendly.

[a href=\"http://www.phpbb.com\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.phpbb.com[/a]

I know there's others out there however. I realize that you said you don't need individual forums and all, but if your doing this for work, then trust me, once your users/employers start using it, they will want to add more features. Why not start with more than the minimum.

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