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Form Problem

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I have form to upload news. Works well but I'm trying to add a drop down box to select the category. I've created a column called category in my news table. For the form I am using this code:

[code] <tr><td>
<select name="category" style="border: 1px solid #000000">
<option name="Type" option value="Type">Type..</option>
<option name="Ad" option value="Ad">Ad</option>
<option name="Video" option value="Video">Video</option>
<option name="Gallery" option value="Gallery">Gallery</option>
<option name="News" option value="News">News</option>
<option name="Other" option value="Other">Other</option>

But whenever I try to use it I get the error:

Error, query failed : Unknown column 'Video' in 'field list' (or instead of video, whichever value I selected).

What am I doing wrong here?

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The field name is in the SELECT line. Your OPTION lines should not have a name at all.

[code]<select name="category" style="border: 1px solid #000000">
<option value="Type">Type..</option>
<option value="Ad">Ad</option>
<option value="Video">Video</option>
<option value="Gallery">Gallery</option>
<option value="News">News</option>
<option value="Other">Other</option>

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Ok, I'm an idiot.


I forgot the " ' " marks around '$category' in my query. So sorry to waste your time!

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