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Unix DateTime to MySQL Date (YYYY - MM - DD)

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Hi Guys,

Need a little help..

I've got an XML page that im parsing into my MySQL Database, but the Date/Time is in Unix Date/Time...

How Can i Convert the Unix Date Time, and insert it into my MySQL Database???

Ive tried the below code, but its not working..

$sGMTMySqlString = gmdate("Y-m-d H:i:s", $availTime);
$tParsedTime = strtotime($sGMTMySqlString . " GMT");

$Query = "INSERT INTO tblresources (MyPlanet,MyName,MyType,MyCD,MyCR,MyDR,MyER,MyFL,MyHR,MyMA,MyOQ,MyPE,MySR,MyUT,MyAvail) VALUES (\"$MyPlanet\", \"$MyName\", \"$MyType\", \"$MyCD\", $MyCR, $MyDR, $MyER, $MyFL, $MyHR, $MyMA, $MyOQ, $MyPE,$MySR,$MyUT, $tParsedTime)";

And my MyAvail field in my MySQL DB is in DateTime format...

Any Ideas?

thanks in advance


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You can use the FROM_UNIXTIME() MySQL function to convert it to a valid MySQL datetime value. BTW, you have a strange HTML entity in your query string, and you might as well use single quotes for the VALUES to avoid have to do all that escaping.

Hope that helps.

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