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Help with Tableless Design

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So I've been trying to make my site tableless for the past two days and Im slowly getting there.

[a href=\"http://tylerleisher.com/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://tylerleisher.com/[/a] -- The design with tables, this is what I want my site to look like

[a href=\"http://tylerleisher.com/notables/index.php?css=default\" target=\"_blank\"]http://tylerleisher.com/notables/index.php?css=default[/a] -- The design without tables.

My question is, what is the best way to make my menu look like that, while still having independent links.

Right now, I have one long <div> but that isnt working out. I also need to know how to center vertical-align it within the image.

My CSS can be seen here: [a href=\"http://tylerleisher.com/notables/default.css\" target=\"_blank\"]http://tylerleisher.com/notables/default.css[/a]

Thank you!

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Create your top menu using a list. Set the list itself to [!--fonto:Lucida Console--][span style=\"font-family:Lucida Console\"][!--/fonto--]display: none;[!--fontc--][/span][!--/fontc--] and the things inside it to [!--fonto:Lucida Console--][span style=\"font-family:Lucida Console\"][!--/fonto--]display: inline;[!--fontc--][/span][!--/fontc--]. For an example of this, go to [a href=\"http://www.tv.com/;\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.tv.com/;[/a] they have a menu similar to what you're trying to accomplish.

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