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How to send an email to all Subscribers

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I have created my admin panel as follow:

1. (Add_Subscribers.php) which will add a new Subscriber based on html form (Subscriber will be added to my Database).

2. (View_Subscribers.php) which will list all Subscribers on my Database

3. (admin.php) just a simple menu page.

4. (Send_Mail.php) Help here, it’s a simple form with the following fields:

Subject, message (body), attachment and a send command button, am not sure.

How can I send this message to all Subscribers?

Anyone could help or point to some tutorials I will appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

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Two ways:

Select all the addresses out of the db, then loop through them to create a long $to variable for your mail() function, then send a single email. The down side of this, is that all of your subscribers will see the other's email addresses.

Select all the addresses, then loop through and send an email to each one. It means a lot more emails, which your host may not appreciate, but the recipients will not be able to see anyone's address but their own.

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