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Inlcuding info from another server

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Alright, well, my guild runs a ventrilo voice chat server and i am trying to set up a status checker using php for it. heres the problem. The status checkers require the "ventrilo_status.exe" file to be on the same server as well as all of ventrilo in order for it to work. Since I have seperate hosting, that is an issue.

We decided to set up a seperate comp at our house and set up a small web server as well as run the ventrilo program on it. If we do that, how can i call the web info from that server, onto mine..

so like.. (example ip for website since we dont have a domain for the small server)
[a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"][/a]

needs to be included in my script if possible.. thanks for letting me know

not sure if its just a straight include or not..

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