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Im trying to include my forums on a page at this url [a href=\"http://team-ata.com/forums.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://team-ata.com/forums.php[/a] and my forums are at this url or you would call it folder [a href=\"http://team-ata.com/forum/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://team-ata.com/forum/[/a]

Im using this code to try and include the forums on my other page:


And it will not work it cant find all the other files that are in the forum folder..
Any help on what i have todo or what i should do would be great.

Thanks Donnie

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You cannot include an entire set of forums in another page. It's impossible. If you want a specific URL to go to your forums, just use the header() call on the forums.php page to redirect the user to the main page of the forums.

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