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PHP Calendar

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I'm trying to use a calendar script on my website... The source-codes and origin of this calendar is at:

[a href=\"http://keithdevens.com/software/php_calendar\" target=\"_blank\"]Web Site For Script[/a]

My question is (as I cannot get it to work):

How could I make the calendar print an entire year... Whilst also showing the linked days?

I have tried using the code the author has outlined on his page to no avail... Any suggestions?

Your help is greatfully appreciated.



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Assuming you use his function exactly, something like this should work:

[code]<table style="margin: auto">


    <?php for ($month = 1; $month <= 12; $month++) { ?>

        <td style="vertical-align: top"><pre>

            $daysinmonth = date('t', mktime(NULL, NULL, NULL, $month, NULL, $year));
            //echo $daysinmonth;
            for ($i = 1; $i <= $daysinmonth; $i++) {
                $days[$i] = array("/link/to/page/$month/$i.php", 'linked-day');
            echo generate_calendar($year, $month, $days);
            $days = array();


        <?php if($month%3 == 0 and $month<12){ ?>


        <?php } ?>

    <?php } ?>



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