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Uploading Images

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I'm new to both php and this forum so bare with me if you will!

I've just been landed with finishing up an excoworkers work and need help in uploading images to the database.

I'm using DW 8 and the files are being stored on Plesk. I'm uploading the usual information to the database relating to products i.e. name, description, etc. I have no problem with inserting this information into the database but there is an image field that requires the user to upload an image to the database. Right now I'm baffled. I can browse my computer for the image no problem. My next interface is setproduct.php (I'm not sure if this guy created this page or took it from somewhere so maybe this is familiar to some of you). On this page it informs me of the information that has been uploaded successfully to the database. The image file is not being uploaded. When I check the database all the information is stored correctly in the their respective places INCLUDING the name of the image. This tells me that the image's pathway is there but the actual image file did not upload to the databse therefore its being displayed as a blank image.

Is there some kind of add on that I need to use to upload the image? IS there code to upload the image? Can anyone help? PLease, I'd be more than grateful if someone could reply. Anything that is needed I can provide i.e. the code. The website is being stored on Unix.

Heres hoping!
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