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Preventing MySQL Injection

seb hughes

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its different depending on the script.


i just look at ways in which data can find its way into the script, and that is filtered down to the point it cant be a SQL statement...


for example.


if you had a member website for example, instead of passing the users user-name on the site in hidden fields and cookies, you could pass the member ID number, that way when the script comes to call on the information in the database its looking for a numeric varible, and that can be filtered in the script quickly and easily...


obviously you dont make a members website and only have the users member number as a way of finding out who they are, but thats the general jift of it.


you get the idea :)

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mysql_real_escape_string('text to get ecaped');


But not as well.


Create a file and name it global.php (or something else)

And now write the following lines into it:

/* When magic_quotes are on, every
    date form the outside gets escaped.
    So we strip it to do that by our own */

if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) {
	$_POST = array_map('stripslashesinarray', $_POST);
	$_GET = array_map('stripslashesinarray', $_GET);
	$_COOKIE = array_map('stripslashesinarray', $_COOKIE);
	$_REQUEST = array_map('stripslashesinarray', $_REQUEST);

function stripslashesinarray($value) {
	return (is_array($value) ? array_map('stripslashesinarray', $value):stripslashes($value));

function real_escape($value) {
	return (empty($value)) ? "''":is_string($value) ? "'".addslashes($value)."'":$value;

Now include that file on the top of every oder file. For example:

require_once './config.php';
require_once './global.php';

mysql_query('SELECT `column1` FROM `table` WHERE `column2` = '.real_escape($_GET['column2']).' LIMIT 1;');
// and so on...

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