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Listings deleted from only 3 towns in the whole world.

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I have a garage sale website. Pretty simple php coded site. Nothing to dramatic. I have 2 questions.
1. www.mygaragesaleinfo.com
When anyone from my local community posts a lisitng on this site. They get deleted somehow. If you enter any other city on the post a sale page it works fine. But three local cities here will not work. I am sure it is something I have done to the page. I cannot find it. If you try to browse the listing it gets deleted. If i try to activate it through admin section, deleted. It will show an active listing in the counter,but as soon as you try to browse it gone, Deleted. Every other city works. Where would I start to look for this problem. I show no errors in the log files. Is this a mysql problemo or what? I have looked over the page. I can remember the changes I made just not exactly where I made them or how to reverse them. Please help.

2. I have sucessfully added a members section to the site as well as affiliate section I have tried repeatedly to add links to the main page to these new sections. I am unsure of how to make these changes to the index file. I have tried trial and error. Please bear in mind that I am teaching myself this stuff by reading tutorials and testing it. I would just like to know which direction I should go to add these links. I have noticed that I can add an image behind an image. This make me think of cascade sheets, which would be another new field of study for me. But I am willing. I am happy with just basic text links.
I have found I do not lack the common sense to llok at code and figure out what s going on and what is happening. I do however lack the correct terminology to make google find answers. Could someone please help me.

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