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Adding 30 days to now() in mysql

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Hi all,

I'd like to enter 2 dates into a table,

date today [I'm using now()] and
date 30 days from today

How do I go about adding 30 days to now() and inserting it into the table?

I'll be running a script daily to check if todays date matches the expiry date and deleting the row accordingly.


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You could use $date and $strtotime to get the date and then add 30 days to it like this:

//date today
$date = date("Y-m-d");

//put into string
$current_date = strtotime($date);

//add 30 days
$new_date = date("Y-M-D",$current_date+=2592000);

//display dates
echo 'Todays date is ' . $date . '<br />';

echo 'The date 30 days from now will be ' . $new_date;

You can then put either the string or the date format into your db.

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