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Register Globals Setting Is Disabled.........

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Dear members,


please help me.


i am getting register_globals setting disabled warning.


i have attached a .htaccess file with my catalog folder, i have also attached php.ini file with my catalog folder.


my .htaccess file has code given below


<IfModule mod_php4.c>

php_value include_path ".:/usr/local/lib/php"

php_admin_flag safe_mode on

php_value register_globals on



my php.ini file have code given below


register_globals = ON



i have done a lot of afforts. i have read existing topics on same problem and try for solution. but my problem is still same. i need urgent help please


Thanks in advance

madhukar garg

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if you are using shared hosting ie the one you pay to hold your website on that you don't own.  You will have to talk to your hosts. Some hosts allow you to add a php.ini file into your dir which changes the settings for that dir.  Also I agree with kenrbnsn try and keep away from registered globals as much as you can as they can be very risky

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I always thought OSCommerce gave you the option to have register_globals on.


Anyhow a quick way to compensate for it, which I am not telling you is the correct way to do it or that you should even do it.


But on a file that is always called add something like this:


if (isset($_POST)) {

if (isset($_GET)) {

if (isset($_COOKIE)) {


Well you get the idea.


If that is true about oscommerce, wow. What a shitty job for an open-source solution.


Again, use the above code at your own risk.

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I'm running an oscommerce sight and globals on are very bad!

You should use this contrib: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2097/category,all/search,register_globals

It changes how oscommerce works so you don't need globals on. In fact if you have them on, then oscommerce wont work. Hopefully it'll be made part of the default installation when the next version comes out.

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