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Error After Installation!


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Hello All,


I have installed the php application claroline181 successfully. i got received the successful message.


well my problem is After install this software

when i open the homepage. at the right side i have login form.


if i enter the the user/pwd then i cant go to the next pages.

it keeps reloading the same login page without any login error.


i entered the correct access too.


anyone pls help me out? why its keep reloading the same page????


Thanks n Advance


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Your really going to need to find a support forum for claroline181, or post some code. This is a bit like asking a Linux question in a C programmers forum. Just because your program is written in php, does not meen your post is suitable for a php help forum.

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agreed... best spot to ask would be clarion's help forum... although... if its not letting you login... its prolly a username/password issue...


Not necessarily, it could be session issue or a cookie issue or it could be that her version of php is different and due to that it cannot set certain items etc.


Too vague of an error to just chop it up to just a username/pass issue =)

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