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Billing Project

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Hi guys,

i believe in forums and thanks for reading this and listening. I have a project i need to deliver to my company, they asked me to design a cyber cafe billing software using PHP/MYSQL/APACHE. Cos we want to move the workstations to linux so I was saddled with this task. The thing is I have been learning php for about 5 months now and I think I have hang of it but what do I do? there is so much to consider; security, database design you name it. Does anyone have any pointers

[b]EDIT BY OBER: Not sure why you felt the need to put that at the top.[/b]

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That's a very open-ended question. It's all possibly and shouldn't be too bad for someone with half a year's experience in the language.

If you have a specific question about the project, I suggest you point it out.

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