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http_referer problem

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Hi all.

Just a quick question which i hope someone will be able to answer.

A university project involves creatng a basic php/mysql bookstore. There are several situations where, if they are not logged in, they are sent to a login page. Once they have logged in succesfully, i would like them to be re-directed back to the page that they came from.

The problem is that the login page submits to itself using $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] so the url passed into http_referer is always the login page.... and not the page the user came from before logging in.

i have tried to store the http_referer url in a session when the login page is loaded. By echoing it when th page loads i can see it is correct, but when i submit the form it then becomes login.php.

This is one of the last things i need to do before handing in so if anyone can help i would REALLY appreciate it. i was up till 3:30am last night trying to figure it out and i've been looking at it so long i just can't see what the problem is.

Many thanks in advance.


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if (!stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], 'login.php'))
   $_SESSION['referer'] = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];

that should start you off.


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