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creating a post made since last visit problem

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on a news program i made i want to allow my members to see what new articles were made since they last visited the site. pretty much what i want to do is exactly how phpbb and other bbs programs do.

now looking at them i applied the same method but it doesnt seem to work.

first off i added a colume last_visit which would have the last time they visited the site(in time())

then i made it do a search with the following query:

[code]SELECT * FROM metal_posts WHERE Date>='$last_visit'[/code]

now doing it that displayed 0 results everytime no matter what. changed >= to <= just displayed all of the news articles.

so question is, what am i doing wrong?

to let you know all the dates on my program are in time() format so format issue isnt the problem here.


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make sure you ARE using a timestamp for both variable types. That is a timestamp for the last login and a tiemstamp for the ews article. Assuming that is all in order, make suer you are assiging a value to last vistit

It may be that you instead use a join on the tables liek so....
$qry = "SELECT `metal_posts`.* FROM `metal_posts`, `user` WHERE `metal_posy`.`Date` >= `user`.`lastlogin` AND `user`.`id` = $_SESSION['id']";
$qry = mysql_query($qry);
Now the field names need to be matched up (unless I am teh best guesser in the world!) but that should not be a problem! and the $_SESSION can be what ever you use to identify the user 9again I assume you use sessions witch may not be the case....

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actually im using cookies ;)

and i got the problem solved, though now i have another problem.

to solved it i forgot i had to check the read table i made.

now i still have one issue and thats getting the correct number result. tried looping it but it doesnt seem to want to do that.

here is how im doing that:

[code] while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($search_result)) {

$db->run = "select * from post_read WHERE Topic='$row[tid]' and user='$logged_user'";
$t_num = $db->num_results();

i might be missing something but i cant think of what that is. if someone here knows, please tell me.


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