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not sure how to do this...

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I'll try to briefly descripe my current plan, and hopefully someone will tell me an easier way.

We have a table that logs ever board we build by date, serialno, and pass/fail info on a functional test. I have to extract from the table "first pass yield" which means the pass/fail ratio on each serial, but only the first test. We repair boards, and retest them, but that would be second pass, and don't want to include those numbers. When the project is done, I need to have a graph that displays the past 90 days yield % (fail %)
the first step pulls and write to a new table. the live date is visual fox pro, I want to work out of mysql...

what I have come up with is this:

1. pull from the table and write to a new table min(test_date) for each serial number grouped by serial number, for the past 90 days. I believe that should give me the first test for each board

2. pull from that table and write to a new table count(test) where test="pass" group by date.

3. pull from that table and update the new table count(test) where test="fail" group by date where date=date.

4. Now I should have a table with three columns: date, pass, fail.

5. now I create the 90 graph points and plot them. (not looking forward to this part)

That's my idea, anyways...

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Your method sounds fine, but your plotting can probably be simplified: [a href=\"http://www.advsofteng.com/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.advsofteng.com/[/a]

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