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How to create an excel like filter?

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Hi Guys

I'm pretty new to php but have been getting into it on and off over the past year. I pretty much am comfortable getting a search script going and coming back of the data base. But I am trying to think of a way to get php to find duplicats in certain columns and either display then, or only one of them.

Its basically like the advanced filter tool in excel.

I have a large DB that gets added to by multiple sources. Occasionaly info is entered in twice by different people and I need to create an online facility to then weed these out. Basically I need to look at 2 or three columns and look for entries that are the same.

I've tried planning this out in my head, and I was wondering if there was a "same as" or "Equal to " syntax that may work.

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if this is something your will do manually once in a while, I do something like this:

create table tablename select distinct * from thistable
then I delete thistable and rename tablename to thistable

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You could run something like this:
$query = "SELECT     field1, COUNT(field1) AS Cnt
FROM         tablename
GROUP BY field1
HAVING      (COUNT(field1) > 1) ";

That assumes you can use the HAVING clause in your DBMS.

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