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foreach error in checkbox form

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I'm trying to make a simple form that will allow users to select certain baseball players to add to their profiles.

Here is part of my form:

[code]<form name="myplayers" method="post" action="insertmyplayers.php">
echo "<TABLE width=\"100%\" border=\"0\">";
echo "<TD align=\"center\" valign=\"top\"><TABLE width=\"100%\" border=\"0\"><TD><div align=\"center\"><div

$query = "SELECT ps.*,p.*, t.*
        FROM playerstats ps
        INNER JOIN
            players p INNER JOIN mlbteams t
            ON t.mlbteam_id = p.mlbteam_id
          ON ps.player_id = p.player_id
        AND ps.year = 2005
        AND position_id = 1
                ORDER by lname";
$result = mysql_query($query);
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    $pid =  $row['player_id'];
    $lname = $row['lname'];
    $fname = $row['fname'];
echo "<input name=\"myplayers[];\" type=\"checkbox\" value=\"$pid\">$lname, $fname<br>";

echo "</TD></TABLE></TD>";[/code]

My post page that executes the insert query:

[code]foreach($_POST['player_id'] AS $newp) {

    $sql = "INSERT INTO myplayers (player_id) VALUES ($newp)";
    mysql_query ($sql) or die(mysql_error());


I keep getting this error on submission:

[code]Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in[/code]

If I select 5 players for the form page. This is what the array looks like: print_r($_POST);

[code]Array ( [myplayers] => Array ( [0] => 676 [1] => 677 [2] => 1078 [3] => 1080 [4] => 1089 [5] => 1090 ) [player_id] => )[/code]

Any idea what I'm messing up

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Please post your solution so that people reading your post who have the same problem can learn.


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