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iframe, help

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well hears my website

[a href=\"http://www.rmmsclan.com\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.rmmsclan.com[/a]

pretty rubbish eh?

anyway i was wondering to make my site a little better when you click the links instead of reloading the whole page it just changes the middle bit. is it possible?

also suggestions on how to make it better?

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Scrolls inside of scrolls...that has got to go. Either make the page fit into a single window or do away with the inner scroll. Secondly iframes?!?! Frames are bad. I don't linger on any frames page longer than it takes me to click the back button. Now if you insist on using these things then

[code]<a href="#" target="iframe">Link</a>
<iframe name="iframe" id="iframe" src="news.html"></iframe>[/code]


[code]<a href="#" onClick="top.iframe.location.href = 'http://www.google.com'; return null;">Google</a>
<iframe name="iframe" id="iframe" src="news.html"></iframe>[/code]

I would use a div instead of the iframe and user overflow: auto. In the second example you could replace the # with the address to the page and the address to use in the iframe so the link would work even if the user does not have javascript enabled in their browser.


if ( isset($_GET['iframesrc']) ) {
  $iframesrc = $_GET['iframesrc'];
} else {
  $iframesrc = "news.html";

<iframe src="<? echo $iframesrc; ?>"></iframe>[/code]

Just some random thoughts on the matter.

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