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Hello Freaks,

I am consulting with a company who uses the .NET application framework and programs with C#. They were using ASP.NET for their website but from what I understand they are now using C# and .NET exclusively.

I need to justify to them the benefits of switching to PHP for their web development. I know about [a href=\"http://www.php-compiler.net/\" target=\"_blank\"]Phalanger[/a], are there any better solutions for compiling PHP with .NET?

Also, any good resources or arguments out there for switching to PHP from their current setup?

This is serious, so please, no silly answers like "PHP is better". I am going up against their IT people and need to truly justify the switch.


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To be honest, I dont think you could justify the switch. If they already have time invested in there current environment, php really has nothing more to offer over .NET. (ps ASP.NET is either developed in C# or VB.NET)

If the reason for your argument is simply to win a developement contract, then im sorry to say, but I really believe youv'e an uphill battle on your hands.

The only real benifit I could see is the openess of php and the systems it will run on. If these guys are even remotely interested in open source technoligies, this may be your best angle. Be warned though... alot of bigger companies are still very scared of committing to open source, and this approuch may also do more harm than good.

Just my 2 cents.

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