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PHP with MSSQL? is this possible?

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What are the possiblities of programming with PHP and calling and adding to a MSSQL server?

I have a site all programmed in asp, I want to add a subdomain, but program it in php using the existing MSSQL server databases.

Where would I start to create my config.php to connect to the databse with the user and password, and what are some example codings to access table queries with PHP?

Any links that direct me to tutorials would be great.

Meanwhile I am googling, nothing too useful yet ...

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[a href=\"http://us3.php.net/manual/en/ref.mssql.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://us3.php.net/manual/en/ref.mssql.php[/a]

Table of Contents
mssql_bind -- Adds a parameter to a stored procedure or a remote stored procedure
mssql_close -- Close MS SQL Server connection
mssql_connect -- Open MS SQL server connection
mssql_data_seek -- Moves internal row pointer
mssql_execute -- Executes a stored procedure on a MS SQL server database
mssql_fetch_array -- Fetch a result row as an associative array, a numeric array, or both
mssql_fetch_assoc -- Returns an associative array of the current row in the result set specified by result_id
mssql_fetch_batch -- Returns the next batch of records
mssql_fetch_field -- Get field information
mssql_fetch_object -- Fetch row as object
mssql_fetch_row -- Get row as enumerated array
mssql_field_length -- Get the length of a field
mssql_field_name -- Get the name of a field
mssql_field_seek -- Seeks to the specified field offset
mssql_field_type -- Gets the type of a field
mssql_free_result -- Free result memory
mssql_free_statement -- Free statement memory
mssql_get_last_message -- Returns the last message from the server
mssql_guid_string -- Converts a 16 byte binary GUID to a string
mssql_init -- Initializes a stored procedure or a remote stored procedure
mssql_min_error_severity -- Sets the lower error severity
mssql_min_message_severity -- Sets the lower message severity
mssql_next_result -- Move the internal result pointer to the next result
mssql_num_fields -- Gets the number of fields in result
mssql_num_rows -- Gets the number of rows in result
mssql_pconnect -- Open persistent MS SQL connection
mssql_query -- Send MS SQL query
mssql_result -- Get result data
mssql_rows_affected -- Returns the number of records affected by the query
mssql_select_db -- Select MS SQL database

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