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Include Won't Work Through Dreamweaver

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Hey PHP Freaks Forum Members,

I'm currently studying PHP, and I'm pretty much experienced with Dreamweaver,

Its just I make this layout through dreamweaver, I simply insert the include tags, like for the menu and for the footer.

<? include('menu.html'); ?>


<? include('footer.html'); ?>

And well once I either save the php file in dreamweaver, once I see it in design view, the layout which is in tables, it loses its table and the menu text are everywhere.

But if i upload it works fine once I view it in internet explorer.

Its just in design view it won't look okay,

So I'm like wondering if i'm able to continue this site or not, since using the include tag in a table in dreamweaver mx 2004.

Please can someone help me out, so I don't give up creating this site.

[a href=\"http://www.wrestlingchaos.net/awf\" target=\"_blank\"]www.wrestlingchaos.net/awf[/a]

If you want to view the layout that I made.

Nothing special, please don't laugh, its just for a indy wrestling promotion here in Sydney, and well they have a crap site, and I want to help them out with the site, and plus I'll increase more sites to my portfolio.

Thanks in advance to who helps me out,


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Make the include files PHP files. See if that helps. And also, it helps if you include your version-it can help find version-specific hiccups.

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Dreamweaver wont parse any PHP code as it isn't a PHP IDE. So there is no point at looking at the Design View as where your PHP code is it may/should display as a little gold shield with PHP written on it.

To preview your site just upload the edited file(s) and view it. Or install XAMPP or WAMP so you can view you php files locally by going to [a href=\"http://localhost/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://localhost/[/a]

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Actually, it will display stuff other then the little gold icon, but only if it is code that it understands. In later versions (MX 2004 and higher) it will display the include file as though it were in the page, though you can't edit any of it.

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