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Shopping Cart Quantity Problems

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I have a table which contains items which people want to buy. It is based on the session ID so that they can be retrieved for the cart. However, I want the quantity to change the amount of postage. This is the code i have written so far:

$sid = session_id();

$sql = "SELECT SUM(ct_qty)
FROM tbl_cart
WHERE ct_session_id = '$sid'";
$result = dbQuery($sql);

$totalquantity = $result;
echo $totalquantity;

However, this just echos 'Resource id #14'. I want the code to add up all the ct_qty values where the ct_session_id is equal to $sid.

I am new to this more advanced coding so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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That's because $result in a DB resource -- you need to get at the data inside the recordset. Since you're just returning one record and one column, you can do the following:

[code]$result = dbQuery($sql);
$totalquantity = mysql_result( $result, 0, 0);[/code]

In the general case, use mysql_fetch_assoc(), and iterate properly.

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