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Register Globals

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Hi all

I recently moved a load of websites to a new server, my old server had the register globals turned on, and on the new server they are turned off.

What needs to be changed in my php scripts in order to get it to work, as most of the pages wont function due to this change. I have alot of sites, so is there a easy way?

I have found some information on fixing pages, but im not great with php and most of it made little sense to me.

I did find some scripts which you put at the top of each php page to sort this issue, but on pages where images are uploaded via a php page and so on, those sort of scripts dont seem to work.

I am on shared hosting so cannot change the php.ini file.

Any help would be great



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Sloppy and insecure, but - for example - add this at the start of all the 'non-working' scripts that use forms to pass data. Review the manual for alternative uses of extract():
[code]extract($_POST); // abstract POSTed array data[/code]

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