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secure connections to MySQL from PHP

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Tried to post this on the PHP/MySQL forum but it was not accepting new posts.

Am trying to figure out the optimal secure configuration and performance for PHP MySQL server connections.

Is it more secure to have the PHP applications running on one hardened server and the MySQl on another hardened server ? rather than running all within the same box.

If I run two seperate boxes, what would be the best way to connect to the SQL
server ?

Appreciate all input on this subject.

Thanks !

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I'm not sure whether I would say they would be more "secure"... at some level, both boxes should have the same security settings to prevent unauthorized access, intrusions, DoS attacks, etc. There are definitely many MySQL and PHP settings that promote security... too many to list, but if you have specific questions, feel free to ask.

The one advantage you do get from separate these components is that a web server has very different requirements than a database server (think RAM, CPU, HD space, etc.). If it's all on one box, you have to compromise.

Hope that helps.

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