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Search Engine and PHP

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I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question.

But I am sure you guys are very helpful.

The questions may sound silly, but I can't find the answer anywhere.

1)Will a php page get index by search engine?

2)If php is indexed by search engine, will it be different from html(I mean will a page with the same content but in html get better ranking in comparison to a php page)?

3)PHP is commonly used for repeating text found in a page, for example menubar, etc.
But I am thinking to used PHP extensively in my content using the "include" command. Will the search engine read the php as a commang line or translated into html? This is very important as my site almost dpend on search engine optimization for my traffic source.

I would like to know if search engine read a php "include" command found in a page the same as it reads a html without minimizing its importance/rank.


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The search engine will *never* see any of your PHP code, only the end result of it being processed by the php engine. Most web spiders will crawl a php site, but very slowly. My friend has a lyrics site with millions of lyrics but google has something like 50-100k of them sofar.

What the spider sees is what anyone else who goes to your site sees.

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search engines read the html output from what ever pagethey are on - and as php predominantly outpust html engines read it...

to get a good ranking you should read some articles on search engine optimization.

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