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[SOLVED] Color theme when designing a website...


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Just getting curious to know how to design a website following a "Color Theme", someone told me "you haven't followed the Color Theme".


Is there any specific rule or it is just creativity ? How do you guys do it, just play with colors or pre-plan it ?


...curious to know  ;D


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n~ link=topic=163203.msg715284#msg715284 date=1192205566]

That was a great site..


now I have finished searching the net... just want to know how you guys design... for e.g if someone tells you to make a historical site then how to find  a suitable color scheme for this... just asking ;)


I just try to use common sense.


Historical sites, for example, typically want to evoke thoughts of antiquity and age.  Colors that are similar to faded parchment (slightly yellowed) or old, worn wood (dark brown) tend to work well.  Black and white images work well, too.

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