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Small Problem With Variable

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hello. I'm trying to add the variable $thread to my database, however when i click submit the value disapears as it is stored in the URL. I have used $thread throught the rest of my page fine, its just this section im just having problems with. I cant figure out how i can add its value of it to the database.

my url looks like the following : page=viewforum&thread=Thread1 and im trying to add the Thread1 section to the database.

how do i go around doing this?

im getting the following notice, because thread does not equal anything when its submitted.

Notice: Undefined index: thread

ive tryed using $thread = $_GET['thread']; before its submitted, but had no success.

Thanks Again, MoFish

//if the user hits submit

if (isset($_POST['submit'])){

// set data to a variable
    $data = $_POST['data'];
//set the sql query            
        $sql= ("INSERT INTO `forum_data` (`POSTER`, `DATA`, `DATE`, `FORUM_THREAD`) VALUES ('$member', '$data', '$date', '$thread')");
// perform the query
       $result = mysql_query($sql);

//display success message
       echo "Succesfully Added\n";

} else {

<form method="post" action="index.php?page=viewforum">
      <table width="100%" border="0">
                  <td width="67" valign="top">Message</td>
                  <td width="443"> <input name="data" type="Text" width="500px" height="200px"></td>
<input type="Submit" name="submit" value="Post Message">



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to send a value in php through the url do this

<form method="post" action="<? echo "index.php?page=".$Variable_Here."";?>">

that should set it out for you ok

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To get the "thread" info from the URL, you need to use $_GET or $_REQUEST

$thread = $_GET['thread ']; [!--coloro:#FF0000--][span style=\"color:#FF0000\"][!--/coloro--][i]OR[/i][!--colorc--][/span][!--/colorc--]
$thread = $_REQUEST['thread '];

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