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tony s

html scaling

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help! = )

can this be done?
Lets say i got page that is centered; and i got basic table with 3 columns.
[code]really vallid html:
<table border="0" width="600"><tr>
<td width="200"> - LOCKED /  NO SCALING - </td>
<td> -  this one is for scalling - </td>
<td width="200"> - LOCKED /  NO SCALING - </td>

so.... the idea is that the 'td' in the middle is scaling; others are "locked"...
a) can i define 'width' in table? [i](when table is displayed in full, td's would be 200|200|200)[/i]

b) can this be done in some cross browser way [i](/browser friendly way)[/i]?

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Not sure I understand what you want. If the table width is fixed at 600px, and two of the three columns are fixed at 200px, the third column can't be anything but 200px wide. If you omit the width from the table definition, then the column with no pre-defined with will expand to fill the available space if there's enough content in it.

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