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"foreach" problem

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I want to get news from a RSS. I get the news and i try to display them everyone in his own table.
[code]foreach ($rss->item as $item)
echo "<table><tr><td><a href=$item->link>$item->title</a></td></tr>";
      echo "<tr><td>$item->description</td></tr></table>";
      }[/code] I don't know why, but insteed dispaying for every news a table, i get a table witch includes all the news.

My second problem is when i try to get the entire content of the news (wich results on the following of the link).
Let's say i have the following:
[code] <span class=arttitle>Romania sub ape,  episodul 2006</span><br /><span class=artdatetime>14 Aprilie 2006</span><br /><span class=arteditorname>Nicoleta Chiru, Miruna Olteanu</span>


<span class=artdescription>La un an de la inundatiile devastatoare, banatenii se lupta iarasi cu revarsarile raurilor.<br /></span></p><BR>
                                            <p><span class=artbody><p>Cele mai multe rauri din tara au depasit cel putin cotele de atentie, hidrologii avertizand ca zona Banatului este in continuare/span>[/code] The example is much longer but i posted just a fragment.
How i extract the text between tags?


PS: Sorry for my english.

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