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Adding together 2 fetch row results

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Hy all,

I'm trying to retrieve multiple rows with the fetch_row() command in a while loop with PHP

This works fine!

Now I want to fetch some more rows with the same command from another database.

After this I want to add the row results from the first fetch to the second fetch so all rows will be in 1 variable like $row.

Does anyone have an idea how this is done is it even possible ?
or should I first join the two tables from different databases and the do the fetch_row() command ?

Hop to hear something soon!

thnx pMzQ,

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Interesting... can I ask why? You'd have to be sure that you alias the columns appropriate so that you don't get hash key collisions. In principle, there's no reason that you can't add the second row's column to $row; but how are you going to match them up? Do there share a UID, etc.?

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