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? instead of " when copied from MS Word

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Hey Guys,

I'm having a problem on a CMS I have written. Its pretty simple and I'm sure its got something to do with the character encoding that I am using. If one writes "Hello test, 123" in word it seems to convert the standard speechmarks (") to directional ones (“ and ”). These show up fine on this site and I would like to know how to stop them from showing up as question marks (?) on my CMS site.



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At no point should anyone turn to Microsoft Word as a source of content for their site. It is sacrilegious. People are put to death in some countries for this.

Anyway, would be helpful to see an example of your code.....look into either string_replace(); or such.

[code]$thischaracter = " “ ";

$replace = " ' ";

$newcontent = str_replace($thischaracter, $replace, $original_content);[/code]

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