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Please help(javascript&php)

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[b]Hi guys. I am really stuck on something i would be grateful any help. i am trying to populate a dropdown box based on another one. i don't know what am i doing wrong.
this is the code i'm stuck on(embedded in php code)[/b]

<script language=JavaScript>


if (num_rows($res)>0) {

$i = num_rows($res);
$result = fetch_row($res);
$productname = result($result, "productid");

while ($i>0) {

// For each product
print " var $productname" . "pArray = new Array(\"All\",\n";

while($i>0 and result($result, "productid") == $productname) {

// Add Each Build Type
print "\"". result($result, "buildType") ."\",\n";

if ($i>0) {

$result = fetch_row($res);

$productname = result($result, "productid");
print "\"('')\");\n\n";


function populatebuildType(inForm,selected) {

if(selected > '') {

var selectedpArray = eval(selected + "pArray");

while (selectedpArray.length < inForm.buildType.options.length) {

inForm.buildType.options[(inForm.buildType.options.length - 1)] = null;

for (var i=0; i < selectedpArray.length; i++) {

var x = selectedpArray[i];
inForm.buildType.options[i]= new Option( x, x );

inForm.buildType.options[inForm.buildType.options.length - 1]= null;

if (inForm.buildType.options[0].value == '') {

inForm.buildType.options[0]= null;

if ( navigator.appName == 'Netscape') {

if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) < 4) {

else {

if (navigator.platform == 'Win32' || navigator.platform == 'Win16') {



[b]and i am calling the function here in this form:[/b]

<FORM NAME=form1 METHOD=GET ACTION=# STYLE="margin-bottom:1px;">
<TD><B>Date Start:</B><BR><?=calendar_code('datestart', 'Date Start', $datestart)?></TD>
<TD><B>Date End:</B><BR><?=calendar_code('dateend', 'Date End', $dateend)?></TD>
<TD><B>Product:</B><BR><?=query_select("productid", "productid", "productid", $sqlproduct, $productid, " onchange=populatebuildType(this.form1,this.form1.productid.options[this.form1.productid.selectedIndex].value);")?></TD>
<TD><B>Build Type:</B><BR><?=query_select("buildType", "buildType", "buildType", $sqlbuildtype, $buildType)?></TD>
<TD ALIGN=CENTER VALIGN=BOTTOM COLSPAN=7><BR><? print submit_button('SUBMIT', 'Filter'); ?></TD>


[b]query_select function creates a select box based on sql query. here is the function[/b]

function query_select($selectname, $idfieldname, $descfieldname, $sql, $default="", $other="", $class="AUTHINPUT")
// This function generates a HTML select box based on a SQL query
// selectname is the name of the select box
// idfieldname is the field from the query used as the value of the select box
// descfieldname is the field from the query used as the visible description of the select box

$conn = db_connect();

$res = query($sql, $conn);

if (!$res)

$select .= "<SELECT CLASS = $class NAME=\"$selectname\" $other>";

for ($i=0; $i < num_rows($res); $i++) {

$result = fetch_row($res);
$opt_id = result($result, $idfieldname);
$opt_desc = result($result, $descfieldname);
$select .= "<OPTION VALUE=\"$opt_id\"";

if ($opt_id == $default) {

$select .= " SELECTED";

$select .= ">$opt_desc";
$select .= "</OPTION>";

$select .= "</SELECT>\n";


[b]thanx for any help i appreciate it[/b]

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