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Parsing/interpreting problem

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my PHP parser has suddenly dropped out of interpreting/parsing mode. iv checked the ScriptAlias, Application-Type settings in httpd.conf and all is the same - i figured this can be the only source of the problem. the only changes iv made recently was to set PHP in my path (%PATH%;C:\php5;), and copied a new libmysql.dll to the appropriate directory (when mySQL wasnt connecting before).

phpinfo() runs fine but all my other scripts drop out of parsing mode. if you look at the source for my PHP pages from the browser, all the code is still there.

any advice? iv tried to reboot my PC and restart Apache but nada.

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Did anything change in the scripts that "suddenly stopped working"?

Can you post one of the scripts that does that?

Check to make sure you haven't deleted or somehow changed the "<?php ?>" or "<? ?>" tags.

Maybe you have an unterminated quoted string that is "hiding" the start of the PHP code.


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