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Merging a string inside a string.

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I'm confussed and annoyed at this. I have a string in my config file called
$Gallery_Name_1_NameDate = "TEST 1"; and
$Gallery_Name_2_NameDate = "TEST 2";

In one of the pages I have the URL string $gallery which is equal to Gallery_Name_1. but also it can be Gallery_Name_2.

Now, I need it so that the page echos out the TEST 1 bits by using the gallery URL string as a type of prefix. But i'm confussed how to add a string inside another string.

At the moment I've tried

<? echo "$".$gallery."_NameDate"; ?>
But that just outputs

Which is near, but I dont want it in text, i need it as a string so it takes the $Gallery_Name_1_NameDate string from the config file using an include (which is in the page) and outputs TEST 1 instead of what it is now.

Rather confussing, but pleeeease help me :(


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Try this:
$Gallery_Name_1_NameDate = "TEST 1";
$Gallery_Name_2_NameDate = "TEST 2";

$gallery = 'Name_1';

$gal = ${'Gallery_'.$gallery.'_NameDate'};
echo $gal;


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