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FictionDiction.com Could you please write reviews about this site.


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I have made web portal which enables you to share formal or informal information and experiences. Also gives you the opportunity to have fun and gather some information.




Technical review: It is done by PHP, mysql,css, javascript.

Ajax and new technologies have been used intensely.


Would you please comment about the design and offer new features for FictionDiction.com


PS: I would really appreciate if you contribute to fictiondiction.com

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lol you go to harvard? where do you live?


This looks pretty good, but the font is kinda childish for me, and the fireworks on the right hand corner looks like you're having a big 1 day sale. I like the "soft" feel though


PS. check out my website (www.skoogo.com), it's somewhat similar to yours. maybe we can help each other



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