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PHP Report Generation software


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Hi there,


I'm looking for a decent php report-generation software and I was hoping someone here would be able to help me.


I want a system that is fully web based and can pull specific items for an sql database and display them graphically. Preferably it would have a GUI so the admin could choose which items from the database it would pull and be able to display the items using graphs for regular users of the system. Ie a standard user doesnt have access to the raw sql data.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Thanks for your reply jeet.


I gave php report a shot, I have my databases on a remote unix server and php report maker doesn't want to connect to it. Can I just get the web based php code of this software?

I was wondering if you know of a solely web-based version of software like this.


Thanks again.



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Hey jeet thanks for your help,


I've found a couple of open source project but none of them seem to be in development anymore.

And there is no software that just "works" i'm currently trying to fix pmreport with has a few database errors hopefully i'll be able to fix em.


But if anyone had tried any phpreport software the "know" will work fairly well that would be great.

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Thanks, well I have not used those "report generation PHP open source" a lot but yes we have implemented the idea from different open source

scripts to our project, as you might be knowing that client will always have different requirement and mostly it will not match with exactly the Open source script.

And you need to change the code for matching the requirement.

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