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mysql_num_rows() failed hopelessly

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mysql_num_rows() has strangely failed in Window platform.

well, I have this code

Line 1: $sql = "select ......";
Line 2: $rs = mysql_query($sql);
Line 3: $rowcount = mysql_num_rows($rs);
Line 4: somecode here
very basic and it works fine in Linux system my host server
however, in my local system (Windows) it failed every time $rs is empty.

What happened is if $rs returned a non-empty set, $rowcount will contain number of rows in that $rs and proceed to Line 4.
When a select statement that returned an empty set, the script just halt (simply stop and exit) right at
Line 3;

I have read the PHP documentation on mysql_num_rows() and it does not state any platform incompatiblity regarding this function. I hope somebody with more experiences would explain why it behaved this way.

Thanks a million.

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You probably should do something to check if the result set for your query is correct (if there is no sql-error, that is):
$sql="select * from employees";
    echo mysql_num_rows($res);
    echo "There was an error in your SQL query: " . mysql_error() . "\n<br />The given SQL query was: " . $sql;

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Thanks for all replies,

After a lot of testing, i found the error on another module. The problem is not mysql_num_rows

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