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SyracuseBands.NET V2


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Hey Everyone,

I have posted before about a critique about my site: SyracuseBands.NET but I recently updated the site again and added some more functionallity and also made it easier to read.

Please tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions to make it better.

I really haven't gotten a lot of time to validate everything and I know that there are a lot of errors...but please disregard for right now.

For some reason the members (band) login section doesn't work in firefox for some reason... I have posted about this but no resolve yet.

So anyways here is the link: [a href=\"http://www.SyracuseBands.NET\" target=\"_blank\"]SyracuseBands.NET[/a]

Check it out and let me know what else I can add to make it kick ass even more!
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It needs some work IMO.

Why is there a big gap between the left nav and the content? - Currently it seems that the Nav and the COntent are totally seperate.

The top logo needs work - it fades out too dark at the bottom.

On your BANDS page (which took a awful long time to load on this t3)->
The last item:
eugene - the thumbnail - guess what size: 624Kb !! for a thumbnail !!! wtf?
Other thumbnails on that page vary from 312Kb to ... well whatever.

Why does the Calender open on a new page?
I think I have seen this calender and its login before BTW.

Im glad to see you skined your forums a little.

you should put the image verification on the sign-up of a new user.

Overall its ok. Id like to see the Nav better done.

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