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Help needed

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I am creating a PHPMySQL based script for someone.


This is basically:


For a hosting company. It will consist of a Login Page, A registration page, a Banner Page, a Hosting Selection page, and a status page.


The idea is that people register with this, and then they select which hosting package they want. They will then be told that ** amout of credits have to be earned before they can use thier hosting, and ** amount of credits must be earned each month.


Credits are earned by clicking on the Banners on the Banner Page. The page has one banner on it that has its own amount of credits, and then, once the user has clicked on this banner, the banner changes to a different banner, which has a different amount of credits assigned to it.


When enough credits are earned, an e-mail should be sent to the admin, saying that (username) has earned enough credits to have hisher hosting account activated.


After that, the admin is only e-mailed if the user does not reach sufficient credits to keep hisher hosting active, in which case, the admin is e-mailed saying that (username) has not reached enough credits.


I understand that this will be a very complicated script to make, and that is why I need someone\'s help!

I would appreciate any help on the development of this script.


Thank you,

Paul Williams

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Well, it's not a simple question, i must say! :)


I would start creating a database, and normalise it.

Maybe something with user, login, pass, credits, hosting_package, session_id and so on...

Until you have everything in it you need.


grant yourself the rights to the DB and its tables, otherwise you won't be able to write anything into it.


As for the login thing:

Read up on sessions, with them you can keep track of just about anything, and assign anything to for instance banners (the credits for example) or anything else.


Let's say a user registers, you could store his/her login/pass etc.. with sessions, you can track every user on your page, and see what they're doing.


User select's package, package type can be stored in the DB, along with starting credits or something.


A banner link could hold the user's session_id or login name or something like that. With that you can update the database and call for a new banner when clicked, and update the credits in the DB.


Checking up on the credits in the DB can tell you if the user has reached the amount of credits nescesarry, update the DB set user's status to 'complete' or whatever..


I know this sounds a bit global, and it is, but like i said, it's not a simple question!





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