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Navigation Submenu in column

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Hi there,

I have crerated a site using php and it seems to work just fine. However, there are 2 problems i cannot seem to solve. The site is online so if anyone could take a peek and maybe come-up with a solution, here's the address (page is in dutch): [a href=\"http://www.annemiekmaissan.nl\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.annemiekmaissan.nl[/a]

1) Now the submenu appears in-line, which is difficult to click; i would like to get the sub-buttons underneath each other. However, icannot get them to work properly like that.. any ideas?

2) The different buttons on the navigation menu should turn red on hoover; the last 3 do but the first 3 don't.. While they all refer to the same CSS-sheet. Help?

Thanx a million!

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Moved to CSS.

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