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Lacking direction on an array

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[a href=\"http://pastebin.com/692931\" target=\"_blank\"]http://pastebin.com/692931[/a]

$pingtime just echos as "ARRAY" on the page at the moment. What I'm trying to do from here is to create a way of registering if a server responds to a ping and if not then display "offline". Any ideas how I could do this from here?

((Had to use postbin because of the forum security feature bug)) :)


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So apparently $pingtime is only an array if the ping was successful

so set an IF statement, or my favorite a ternary statement that does this
[code]echo is_array($pingtime)?"online":"offline";

note that that would only display offline or online

this is a 3rd party script
it's being moved there

please post in the correct forum

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