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Greetings Freaks...

I am wondering what you all use to write php in. I am currently using dreamweaver MX cuz it has the full hmtl/css/javascript/php reference manuals integrated along w/ source control and deployment. However I do realize its more of a designers tool made for a WYSIWYG life style...I've tried php designer and phpED and like phpED but it costs like $300 which is too much.

Any suggestions?

Ben Sullins
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I use a program called [a href=\"http://www.blumentals.net/rapidphp/\" target=\"_blank\"]Rapid PHP[/a]. It has full HTML/Javascript and CSS support and is designed towards developing PHP scripts and has an inbuilt PHP Syntax checker (requires the php intepreter to be installed on your computer) and syntax highlighting for a number of programming langauges. It costs a mear $30 ($29.85 to be exact).

There is also another PHP editor I used to use which is called PHP Designer 2006 which is 100% free!

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Closed in favor of [a href=\"http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=54859\" target=\"_blank\"]this topic[/a].

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